Making the Best First Impression when Selling your Home

Homeowners who are ready to sell their Port Elgin home can improve the chances of selling more quickly and getting the perfect asking price by taking a few steps prior to listing. First impressions, we all know, are generally lasting ones. When a potential buyer first sees your home, they will instantly form an opinion. Ideally, it will be positive and encourage them to want to look further. By ensuring that there are a few elements that are visually and emotionally exciting, the home you hope to sell will make the best possible first impression.

Understand the psychology of home buying
When searching for Real Estate in Port Elgin, buyers are looking for something that will resonate with them on three levels. First of all, a home is a personal investment. The residence must be something that they can see themselves occupying. In other words, a space that they can make their own by customizing it to suit their own needs and tastes. This is where the first impression you make is vital. Secondly, it must have the features that are practical and meet their personal needs. Third, the asking price must be worth the value of the investment. There must be elements that make the home appealing, useful, and of value to the buyer.

Create curb appeal
The importance of curb appeal cannot be overstated. When a buyer pulls up to the home and or cottage, they will scan the exterior first. You’ll want to make sure that the yard is well manicured and that the exterior has a clean and well-kept appearance. Clean up any debris and remove all potential eyesores. You don’t want an old rusty fence teetering in the front of the yard, or a pile of brush waiting to greet them. If the house or outbuildings need repairs and painting then makes sure it’s done. Making sure that decks and patios are in good repair is also important.

The simpler the decor, the better
The interior should be in good repair with fresh paint and clean floors. Avoid adding trendy additions that you personalize to suit your own tastes. Remember that people are looking for something that they can customize according to their own tastes. Avoid gaudy colors and stick with the basics. If you want to upgrade cabinets by adding fresh paint, veneer or hardware, this is fine. Neat, tidy, clean and simple are the best rules to keep in mind when showing your home.

Point out useful features
If you are showing the home yourself, you will want to point out the features of the home that will appeal to any homeowner. You could highlight the uses of a deck, patio, barbecue pit, hot tub or sauna. Any special features that the home contains can be referred to quickly before you move to the next topic. If you have any special additions such as weatherization packages, energy efficient appliances, you can tell how these saved you money and how they improved the environment in the home. Point out the ways that the buyer can customize the home by ideas for using different spaces. Don’t do this heavily, but rather, be brief and let them come up with their own ideas. You just want to get them thinking about this. Be sure to answer any questions they have openly and honestly. The person showing the home is part of the package that helps them to form their first impressions.

First impressions in the selling of any Port Elgin home are important and by taking a few simple steps, you can ensure that your property creates an everlasting impression.

Just remember that creating curb appeal will encourage buyers to want to see more. Highlighting the features that make your home practical, comfortable, convenient and economic will help buyers to see the potential worth the investment.